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<<company name>> offers perms, waves , curls, straightening services, styling services, cutting services, coloring services, tinting services, hair washing services, hair foaming, dandruff treatment, anti-hair fall treatment, and highlighting services to help you make your hair look its best. Our stylists will study your hair, its color and texture, your facial structure, and your lifestyle before suggesting a hairstyle for you. This ensures that you can look your best with a minimal of bad hair days. Our rates vary depending on the experience of the stylist whose services you choose to utilize. Expect to pay anywhere between <amount> and <amount> as styling charges. Perms cost around <amount>, while waves cost you about <amount>. Getting your hair curled will set you back by <amount>. The fee for our straightening services is approximately <amount>, while the charge for a hair wash is close to <amount>. Tinting costs <amount>, while highlighting costs <amount>. The charges are higher if you opt for hypoallergenic products. We also offer you a choice of shampoos and conditioners to choose from. This ensures that you can choose a product range that suits your pocket. We offer a range of coloring treatments that vary in cost. For basic dyeing we charge <amount>, whereas if you want to change your hair color overnight the cost will be <amount>. Our hair coloring options include bleaching and toning, glossing, and all over custom coloring which will cost you around<amount>. You can be sure that your hair is in safe hand as we give you the best of everything, be it a perfect blow dry or a fantastic re-texturizing treatment.
We have a special hair stylist who cut children´s hair. They are trained to give your children a modern look while entertaining the child in question.

Since the first thing people notice about you is your face, we offer a wide variety of facials for you. We also have style experts who make your face look its best by making good use of toners, concealers, cleansers, and special <all natural> moisturizers. There are a variety of facials to choose from. A facial here at <<company name>> could cost you from <cost 1> to <cost 2>. Our facials are guaranteed to give your mood a lift while making sure your face looks its best. We offer various facials depending on your skin´s tone and texture. We have different facials for a variety of skin types ranging from oily to dry. The facials that are given by our specialists rejuvenate your skin, leaving looking and feeling younger. Get rid of black heads and improve the tone of your facial skin with our high-end facials. Regular facials at <<company name>> will help you maintain your youthful looks for longer. Continue to be the belle of any gathering with the help of our facials.
Choose from our wide variety of facials � we give you a choice of herbal as well as science-based facials. You can also choose a facial depending on your budget. We will pamper you even if you opt for one of our budget special facials.
Our facials include threading services as well. Get your eye-brows shaped and unwanted facial hair removed when you come in for a facial. Alternately, if you do not have the time for a facial, threading services alone can be availed of.

<<company name>> offers you a great spa experience at a reasonable commuting distance from city limits. Come here and relax and rejuvenate both your body and mind. The atmosphere here is very peaceful and soothing, and will take care of frayed nerves and tempers. We offer full-body as well as head massages. All our massages are guaranteed to relieve tension and help you to de-stress. We offer massages using traditional oils as well as high-technology products. <<company name>> offers the full range of spa services such as facials, body polishing, water therapy, hot towel treatment, clay mask, mud masks, and body scrubs. You can decide on the massages and facials you want after a talk with our consultants.
As our guest, you will have free access to the sauna, steam, hot tub, and whirlpool.
<<company name>> specializes in skin care services. After a course of treatment with us, you will go out with glowing, soft skin. By combining this with our hair care service, you will be able to project a new persona.
Additionally, we have trained experts who can guide you in your yoga or meditation practice. The peaceful ambience that we provide will be conducive to these pursuits. However, if you are the more athletic kind, you can go on guided treks or rock climbs. You can even choose to wander around our beautifully landscaped gardens if you do not want to have a structured day. For the more gregarious, we have group exercise classes. These classes cater to various fitness levels � from beginner to expert.

After your face, the most noticed parts of you are your hands and feet. Well-kept hands and feet reflect positively on you. To ensure that your hands and feet are well-maintained and your nails polished to perfection, you need to schedule regular manicure and pedicure sessions. These are as important as facials to project a well-groomed look.
<<company name>> provides high-quality and hygienic manicures and pedicures. The pedicure tub drains away the water and does not re-circulate it. If you care about sanitation and cleanliness during the manicure/pedicure process, you should come to us for these services. Though we charge a higher rate than our competition, we ensure complete hygiene during the entire process. Expect to pay <amount> for a manicure and <amount> for a pedicure. Our professional staff is courteous and polite and ensures that the manicure/pedicure lasts longer. After a visit to us for a manicure and pedicure, you can show off your beautiful hands and feet without a care. If you want a spa-like manicure and pedicure complete with a hydrating bath and scrub, expect to pay <amount>. You also get an aromatic salt rub and a hot-towel wrap with our spa quality manicure and pedicure.
For the pedicure, we pamper your feet with a soak, a scrub, exfoliating rub, toner, mask, massage, moisturizer, and polish. Your calluses and corns will be removed hygienically and by experts. The pedicure will leave your feet soft and supple. You will love to slip on your sandals after this treatment with us.

Though initially used only by women, waxing services are now popular with many young metro-sexual men as well. Remove unwanted hair from your arms, legs, and everywhere else as well by utilizing our waxing services. <<company name>> has specially trained staff to do the waxing. They ensure that you end up with smooth, hair-free arms, legs, and so on while experiencing the minimum of discomfort and pain. Waxing is a relatively quick way of getting rid of unsightly body hair, so that you can sport that mini skirt, shorts, or bikini. Opt for our waxing treatment so that you can wear clothes of your choice without worrying about unwanted and unsightly hair.
<<company name>> uses good quality wax for the waxing process. Moreover, all the linen used for waxing is sterilized, ensuring that you do not pick up any germs during the waxing session. Waxing is the safest and easiest method of getting rid of unwanted hair. It is less time consuming than other methods and does not involve the use of harsh chemicals on your skin. Waxing leaves your skin silky smooth for longer than shaving, which can lead to stubble growth very soon. <<company name>> recommends waxing as the best way for hair removal as it is both inexpensive and cost-effective. We charge <amount> for waxing the legs, <amount> for waxing arms, and <amount> for a full body waxing session. We offer a separate room for privacy for those wanting a full body waxing treatment.

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. To this end <<company name>> offers a complete bridal package. This includes a pre-bridal facial, body massage, hair massage, pedicure, manicure, waxing, threading, and hair cut. You can also get your hair colored or tinted if you so desire. On the day of the wedding, we offer make-up services as well as hair styling services. These will ensure that you look your glamorous best on your wedding day. Our expert beauticians will advice you on your skin care routine and make sure that your skin is spotless and blemish free on the big day. You will glow with more than your inner happiness after out make-up artiste works on your face. Moreover, the make-up needs to last through not just the wedding but the reception that follows. Our experts will take care to ensure that your make up does not smudge throughout the morning.
Contact us at least <15 days> in advance of the wedding date, to give yourself time to go through the entire beauty regimen. Our treatment will ensure that you are relaxed and glowing on your big day. Our bridal package costs <amount>. If you want our make-up artiste and hair stylist to visit you at home on your wedding morning, you have to budget for <amount> more toward this.
If you are having a church wedding with bridesmaids, we will be happy to do their make up and hair too. The cost toward doing each bridesmaid´s face and hair will be <amount>. Avail of our services to ensure that the entire bridal party looks its best on your big day.

Today´s groom cares for and is expected to care for his appearance. Gone are the days when rugged men with basic grooming skills were considered handsome. Grooms today have to turn up well-groomed for their wedding, as expectations have risen. Make sure that you look stunningly handsome as you wait at the altar for your bride with some help from us. Our beauty and grooming experts will work on the groom a few days before the wedding � giving the groom to be a hair cut, coloring or tinting his hair, ensuring that his face is blemish free, and his hands, feet, and nails are perfect. After all, you do not want to display callused hands when your bride slips the ring on your finger. If you want to, you can also opt for a full-body massage that will certainly relax you and enhance the condition of your skin. Grooms are encouraged to visit us a few days before the big event so that they can be properly groomed for the great day. This is especially true if you have been neglecting your looks for some time. Our facial will get rid of dark circles under your eyes and give you a more youthful look. Schedule regular visits to <<company name>> if you want to look your best on your wedding day. A groom´s package will cost you around <amount>. If you want your Best Man to look his best on your wedding day, bring him along too. This will cost you an extra <amount>.

Make Up
The modern woman has many special days apart from her wedding day on which she would like to look her best. Whether you need our services for your prom night, the big date, a sought-after interview, or a fancy dress party, we are ready. Our beautician will counsel you on what will be most appropriate for the event and apply just the right amount of lipstick, foundation, and mascara. This will ensure that you do not look over- or under-dressed for the event in question. So, whether you are attending an office party or a wedding, make sure that you avail of our services and look your best. After all, you never know what opportunities might arise at such events. We will make you look young and sophisticated as well as charming.
The cost of our services for such events varies depending on the event. A make up and hair style session can cost you between <amount1> and <amount2>.
We also provide make up services to aspiring models. Come to us for that perfect look, before you go to get your portfolio done. Make sure you book your appointments well in advance if you have a special look in mind.
If you are looking for a make-over, please ensure that you schedule an appointment with our specialists. This will help them provide you with the best possible services. Our specialists will ensure that you sport the latest look of the season. A make-over includes both hair-style and make-up application services.

<<company name>> tries to save you time by stocking some of the best skin and hair care products available today. As your time is very valuable, you save more than just time by choosing to purchase skin and hair care products from us. We stock products from <brand name1, brand name2, etc> for hair care. Our hair care range includes shampoos and conditioners for a variety of hair types such as dry hair and oily hair. Our skin care range includes products from <brand 3 and brand 4>. Again, you will find moisturizers, toners, cleansers, and so on for different skin types such as normal, oily, and dry. We stock both herbal and new science-based formulations for hair and skin care.
At <<company name>> we do not believe in just stocking the products. Our hair care and skin care specialists will also advice you on the products you should use for your hair and skin profile. Besides, they will offer their expert suggestions on how to use these products. As we purchase these products in bulk directly from the stockiest, we are able to offer you a discount on the sticker price. You are welcome to take advantage of our services in choosing the right hair and skin care products for yourself. Our staff is trained to recommend quality products that are appropriate for your beauty needs. However, you can be sure that you will not be subjected to any aggressive sales pitch when you visit <<company name>>

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