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First impressions very often make the best impressions. So you need to look your best most of the time � whether you are attending an interview or a party or you are just off to work. While keeping fit and calm helps to project a beautiful look, most of us need external aid in the form of hair dressers, beauty parlors, and spas to look our best. The sun, the cold, and the wind, apart from pollution all take their toll on our hair and skin. Besides, who does not like to be pampered for a few hours in these increasingly stressful days? <<company name>> takes pride in catering to the <upmarket/middle class> clientele and meeting their every need as far as beauty goes. Whether you need a manicure or a facial, this is the right place for you. Our rooms are both clean and <luxurious/serene> and help you to relax as you undergo the treatment of your choice. <<company name>> is a/an <unisex, women-only, men-only> <hair dresser, beauty parlor/spa>.

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